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October 1

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The Business of APIs: From Dreams to Dollars
Oren Michels, Co-Founder, Mashery
Master of Ceremonies
Caroline McCarthy, @caro
Finding the Unmarked Trail
Naveen Selvadurai, Co-Founder, Foursquare
Data is power and knowledge. With APIs, companies have new ways to see the world. Hear from one of the foremost experts in data platforms how companies can better connect with customers using realtime data, and learn about the power of APIs to uncover new products, talent and more.
PANEL DISCUSSION: Think Like an Entrepreneur
Moderator: Devon Biondi, VP of Strategy Services, Mashery
Liz Crawford, CTO, Birchbox
David Bloom, Co-Founder & CEO,
Joe Bondi, CTO & Co-Founder, RunKeeper
Tobias Peggs , CEO, Aviary
Whether your business challenge is going mobile or tackling big data, you'll want to hear how these forward-thinking entrepreneurs tackled classic business challenges with APIs. They'll discuss the latest trends in API success, and show how lean teams use new strategies to solve old business problems familiar to any savvy executive.
Developers + Data = the Future of Business
Alexis Ohanian, reddit
Reinventing the Establishment
Joshua Greenough, Senior Director of Innovation for Capital One Labs, Capital One
Every industry faces rapid change as connected devices create new opportunities and challenges. At the same time, new technologies give you fresh ways to reinvent your business strategies so you can change faster, regardless of how many outdated systems you have. One forward-thinking executive from the financial services industry explains how they're taking charge - and creating better customer experiences to boot.
Cloud and the API Economy
Mac Devine, CTO & Director of CloudFirst Innovation, IBM
In order to succeed in an always-on environment, businesses have to be thinking about the way people consume things differently. This is the 'is there an app for that?' generation. Consumers want immediate gratification. Simplicity and consumability are going to win out over function in the initial "capture" of a consumer, says IBM's Mac Devine, and a deft cloud and API strategy can help your functionality win out long-term.
The Evolution of Your API and Its Value
Jesse Givens, Head of Product, CarePass, Aetna
APIs are becoming integral to long-term business growth in quickly changing markets. Hear about Carepass from Aetna, a long-term API strategy that has evolved to connect a changing set of payers, providers and patients with longer, healthier living through apps.
The Product Manager's Digital Dilemma
Dave Abbott, Co-Founder, COO & VP of Engineering, SportsData, LLC
With the growing influence of the CTO and the IT department in major companywide decisions, enterprises increasingly need to treat APIs as full-fledged products—setting targets for revenue, reach, and branding. Join this strategy session to understand best practices for managing APIs as well-rounded products and platforms that can drive business growth and meet user demands.
APIs to Enable the Internet of Everything
Sal Visca, CTO, Elastic Path
The Internet of Things has helped create the hyper-connected consumer. But how can business monetize these ubiquitous connections? Most IT professionals are already familiar with the Pace Layering approach advocated by Gartner. In this lively session, Sal will show you how that layering strategy can be extended to the world of APIs. You’ll learn the secret to marrying business value and API technology by using an intelligent touchpoint broker to foster and propel innovation.
Your API: A Big Enough Box of Crayons?
Peter Coffee, VP & Head of Platform Research,
The cloud is the paper on which we draw; the value-add is in the picture, and the richness of your API is the size of your box of crayons. Peter Coffee of colors outside the lines of cloud-enabled mobility, social connection, and big-data exploration, with implications for the design and use of APIs that enable the "customer company" and its community.
How to Make Data Matter to Your Business
Christian Rudder, Co-Founder and President, OKCupid
Data and pattern recognition are fundamental to most businesses. But it's really actions that drive your business that matter. How do you get from data to action? Sometimes, it's by looking at your data from an unexpected point of view. That's exactly what Okcupid did with online dating – and exactly how they made online dating history. With a blog that posted cheeky data reports and gained widespread attention, Okcupid gained members and value. What lessons are there in looking at your data differently so that it truly matters for your business?
Managed Partnerships in the Cloud Era
Kyle Armbrester, Director, Business Development, athenahealth
APIs can tame the complexity of partnerships, moving business at the speed and scale of the cloud. For athenahealth, APIs help connect doctors with data at the moments that matter most. Hear how APIs manage the complexity of partnerships with high stakes and high rewards.
The API Corporation
Lynda Smith, CMO, Twilio
The 21st-century enterprise is being built with connected, developer-friendly technologies from the bottom up. Twilio is one of the companies leading this charge. CMO Lynda Smith offers insights into what the executive team has learned along the way and how an API corporation thrives in today's world.
Building Apps That Change The World
Leila Janah, Founder & CEO, Samasource
Forget the idea that charitable organizations have to leak like sieves. The leader of one forward-thinking nonprofit talks about how the same tactics, technologies, and approaches to data that make a good for-profit business can enact meaningful change in the developing world.


Co-founder and CEO

As CEO of Mashery, an Intel Company, Oren Michels leads the team responsible for connecting 175 leading brands with 216,000 developers to build 76,000 live apps using APIs. With Mashery, Oren created the Business of APIs conference, now in its 6th year. A frequent speaker at events globally, Oren has [...]

Master of Ceremonies

Caroline McCarthy is a consultant working with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies on storytelling strategy. She previously was a marketer at Google and a journalist covering social media and digital culture at CBS and CNET. Caroline has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS’ Early Show and NBC’s TODAY Show, among [...]


Naveen is the co-founder of foursquare. He’s currently experimenting with personal data and platforms. On the side, he loves taking photos.


Alexis Ohanian is an entrepreneur and investor in Brooklyn, NY, best known as the co-founder of the social news site reddit. Alexis has spoken at TED, been rendered in CGI on, was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Technology list, and included in Inc. Magazine’s 30 [...]


Liz Crawford is the CTO of Birchbox, the beauty subscription brand that brings members access to the newest and best in high-end beauty. Liz has a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon and has published papers on topics ranging from Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to Intelligent Tutoring [...]

VP and Head of Platform Research

Peter Coffee joined in 2007 after 19 years in the technology press, following 10 years as an engineer in petrochemical and aerospace project planning. He works with IT managers, developers, integrators and policymakers to build the global community on cloud platforms including’s and Heroku.  

Founder & CEO

Leila Janah founded Samasource four years ago. Samasource, after the Sanskrit word “sama” meaning “equal,” is a nonprofit that connects people living in poverty to microwork that builds skills and generates life-changing income. To date, Samasource has moved more than 14,000 people out of poverty in nine countries; secured $5 million-plus in [...]

Co-Founder & President

Christian Rudder is a co-founder of OkCupid, one of the largest dating sites in the world. Today, he serves as President, running the day-to-day operations. He also leads OkCupid’s data science team. Rudder’s research and findings have been featured in The New York Times, Harper’s, The Atlantic, and were the [...]

Head of Product for CarePass

Jesse Givens is Head of Product for Aetna’s CarePass platform.  With CarePass, Aetna offers all consumers a solution to achieve their unique wellness goals by connecting to top mobile apps.  The goal is simple – make living a healthy life more achievable for everyone.


Lynda Smith drives marketing at Twilio.  Before that she was CMO at companies like Jive and Nuance.  She is also on faculty at Stanford.

Elastic Path

Sal is responsible for developing Elastic Path’s long-term technology strategies as well as spearheading a process to bring new enterprise ecommerce solutions to market. Sal has over 24 years of experience developing long-term technology strategies and understanding emerging markets and technologies.

Co-Founder, COO & VP of Engineering
SportsData, LLC

Dave is the co-founder of SportsData,  a startup providing real-time, in-depth data for professional and college sports. Dave’s unique approach to the data business based on decades of experience as both a vendor and as a customer.

Director, Business Development

Kyle Armbrester leads More Disruption Please (MDP), athenahealth’s business development program. MDP is aimed at launching a massive surge of disruptive innovation in health care for the overall advancement to the way patient care is coordinated, delivered and reimbursed. MDP targets innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, and individuals – anyone who [...]

Vice President, Strategy Services

Devon works closely with Mashery customers advising them in all stages of their API lifecycle from program conception to platform launch. Prior to Mashery she was the Chief of Staff at TIBCO Software where she worked as a strategic advisor to the CEO in all aspects of the company from [...]

Co-Founder & CEO

David Bloom is co-founder & CEO of, and open platform for restaurant food ordering with the country’s fastest growing restaurant ecommerce network. is backed by Google Ventures, TechStars, and 500 Startups. David lives in Brooklyn with his understanding wife and two kids.

CTO & Co-Founder

I’ve been CTO at RunKeeper since its inception in 2008.  RunKeeper leverages the technology in smartphones to track, measure, and improve your fitness.  In 2010 we opened up the platform that powers RunKeeper and launched the Health Graph API, creating an ecosystem which enables health and fitness apps to work [...]

CTO & Director of CloudFirst Innovation

Mac Devine has more than 24 years of experience in networking and virtualization. He currently serves as Director of CloudFirst Innovation and CTO of the Cloud Services Division at IBM. Devine is a Master Inventor (2006), IBM Distinguished Engineer (2008), and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology (2009).

Senior Director of Innovation for Capital One Labs
Capital One

Every industry is facing rapid change as connected devices create new opportunities and new challenges. Learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities and reinvent the ways you work — regardless of how many outdated systems you have. Be sure to hear this forward-thinking financial industry executive tell how [...]


Tobias Peggs is the CEO of Aviary. Previously, Tobias led OneRiot through its pivot from consumer to B2B, and its acquisition by Walmart. At Walmart, Tobias oversaw all mobile products in international markets. Tobias is an active TechStars mentor and has a PhD in Machine Learning from Cardiff University, UK.

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